Embracing Imperfection (or Not).

I’ve been working on a baby blanket, the babysquared pattern in particular, designed and shared by WifeMomKnitter. Last night I noticed that over the last 30 rows or so I had messed up the pattern. It was all my fault – I was decreasing at the wrong spot. I took a close look at the blanket and thought hard.

The pattern is a scallop-lace style in a rainbow-striping yarn. The mistakes were sort of hidden in a darker part of the rainbow. The mom-to-be is a non-knitter, would she even notice? For two or three rows I thought it over – the blanket would not be cast aside for such a silly reason (I hope), the baby is not going to mind (I hope – though maybe it will help with pattern recognition later on in life? That’s thinking it over too much!) – and decided to leave it. But then, I no longer saw the pretty scallop-lace pattern and the lovely rainbow stripes! My eye went straight to the mistakes. Rrrrrrriiiiiiiiipppppppppppppp. I was able to insert a lifeline and that was a huge help. This pattern is quite enjoyable to knit, so I do not mind having to redo a section. After I got going again I noticed something else, do you see it?
One side of the blanket has a 5 stitch border, the other side has a 7 stitch border. Again, all user error. At least I’m consistent and that error bothers me less.

For today’s thing-a-day, since I am working on re-doing some of the blanket, I’m going to share someone else’s creative endeavors, go check out the Attention!Employees blog, especially today’s post – you will see someone I work with.
And a little silly story: A few weeks back the Lorax and I went to visit Dan at work. We said hello to a few people, checked out where his cube is, etc. After we went out to eat. In the car on the way to eat, the Lorax piped up “Mommy, that was fun to see Daddy’s work. Tomorrow Mommy can we see where you work?” Ummmm, my work is currently in the kitchen and great room and bathrooms – you’re there every day!! 🙂

This is my life

Want to know what love is? Love is something like this:
Supposedly there is a big storm heading to New England (finally!). Yesterday, Dan asked if I had scapers in my car for the windshields – I told him that yes, I do – it stays in my car all year. Later on in the afternoon, Dan tells me that he got the scraper in my car for me. I was confused as I already have one. He says he pulled it out for easy access (I tend to toss things in my car, the backseat is a mess). Ok, thanks that’s nice. This morning I go to my car and start to put my school stuff in the back seat when I see not my usual ice scraper, but three scrapers – two different sizes and something called an “ice bulldozer”?! So, in case the storm does come and dump ice or snow on us, I’m prepared 🙂

Today at school I walk in and learn that we are now trying Parliamentary Procedures with my homeroom. It went over like a lead brick. Oh and I now have to keep track of their individual point plans…(my desk is still a mess)…and I found grafitti on the wall outside my classroom that says I “suck butt”…and supposedly next week the lab will be renovated….and I provided book covers for the students and was told that they might be too small for the books (um, the principal is helping the kids cover their books in math class, he of all people should know to just fold them differently!)..

…dreaming of snow…and vacation

Work Rant

I’m a teacher. I teach middle school students science. For the most part I enjoy my work. Today, I don’t. Rude rude rude behavior. Entitlement issues. Whining. Bad parents. Threats.

And all I can do? Repeat my directions again. Clearly. Calmly. Never let them see you cry. Today just sucked. And I’m at the end of my rope. I am not cut out for this nonsense. For the amount of positive feedback and interactions I do have I don’t know if it’s worth it to continue.

And I can see the side of things that it sucks to be a kid in middle school. Minority and economic issues aside, being a kid is no treat either.

I want to do something different, but am afraid that I will look to be the selfish one for leaving kids in need.