Nice Work If You Can Get It

I’ve put in my resume to Ravelry…. and now it seems to be all I can think about. What an opportunity! I know I’m one of many to apply – and I actually *know* several of the other applicants, which makes it almost harder to support friends and keep my confidence up. Friendly competition while we are all working for the common good is a good thing!!

So I will occupy myself with my other knitting related “work”, knitting sample garments. Honestly though, these two projects are so not even work! I’ve started the seaming on the cardigan for Romney Ridge Farm. And I’m working on a baby bolero for Schaefer Yarn. I kept thinking today about that Gershwin song (Nice Work…) in regards to the Ravelry job, and this side gig I’ve got in knitting samples. I’ve learned so much from doing this, like the fact that I would rather stick to smaller projects since I don’t get to pick the colors or patterns. I stick exactly to the pattern and I am a lot harder on myself with the sample knitting, since the end project isn’t staying with me – it’s going off into the world or shop or wherever. I might live with a mistake here or there, but not when it’s for someone else. I love that I get to try out new yarns and new patterns – by the way, currently in love with Nichole – possibly my new favorite yarn! My confidence is built up – you should see the shoulder seams on the cardigan – I’m so proud of myself! It’s good work and I appreciate the fact that companies and farms do need everyday knitters!

In other knits, I’ve finished the back of the Necco Wafer sweater. I had to email the designer again, but there was a mistake in the pattern – the chart had size 9 months (which is not one of the size options) and no size 18 months (the size I am making) – hesitantly I contacted Carol, and like before, she’s fantastic!

I should return to the seaming and such. Pictures will come later.