Halloween Hangover


This really was a Halloween to remember for a variety of reasons. This was the first “real” Halloween in 2 years (2011 had a snowstorm, 2012 had Sandy aftermath), my daughter was old enough to actually get into the whole costume and trick-or-treating side of things, and it was warm! Like 60 degrees F!! Positively balmy. Costumes that can keep you warm are key in New England, otherwise they are likely to get covered with a coat. Anyway, it was a good night. We almost did a witch costume again (or maybe a princess), but after showing Lorelai my pinterest boards she was won over by Wonder Woman. Who is a princess on top of being awesome, didn’t you know? Side note, L kept proclaiming “I am Princess Diana” in the car. That was a tricky one to explain – yes, true, but say you’re Wonder Woman, because there’s another Princess Diana and you’re not dressed like her! I am so proud of this costume, homemade and awesome. We covered an old pair of rainboots with duck tape, luckily found some star fabric and glitter foam at JoAnn’s. And she was the only Wonder Woman we saw.

IMG_5829Another pinterest find, Nate was Captain Picard, which also got some notice from other parents when we were out and about.  Again, handmade (assorted Hanes t-shirts & Steam-a-Seam & glitter foam) and he was warm.  It was fun to try and coach him to say “Make It So”, “Engage”, “Captain’s Log”, “Number 1” in addition to “trick or treat”.

I also have an FO for this week. I made a pair of Miittens for baby Vi – either to use as a deterrent from pulling out her feeding tub or as actual mittens. These were super quick to make and I would make them again for Vi if she likes or as baby gifts in the future.

I’m happy for the weekend, even though it looks to be busy.  How about you?