First, thank you for putting good thoughts / prayers / vibes out into the universe for my niece this week.  Her surgery went well and so far, recovery is looking good.  I’m going to share the Heartcat I made one more time, because I am so super proud of it and I got possibly the best feedback on it ever – my SIL said she held on to Heartcat during Vi’s surgery, it was a comfort to her as well.  That is a powerful handmade project right there.  The pattern was great, and the crochet stitches were not any more complicated that simple increases / decreases.  I will make this again.

picture006My second project this week is my Windschief hat! Knit in a game of yarn chicken, I did not have enough of my Malabrigo Rios to finish this hat until a knitter friend very kindly shared with me. Her skein of yarn was much more green than my skein, but it all works out just fine, and even if I could tell the difference, it’s on the top of my head. I have been wearing it a lot since I finished it last night – I put it on right away, then today it’s chilly in my house, so it’s on again. My husband took it and wore it this morning while getting breakfast ready – he was surprised that you could wear a hand knit hat in the house and not overheat.  I would make this pattern again. My only hold up is I feel like because the twisted rib section pulls the fabric a bit, I can’t quite figure out where on my head to place that rib section – it’s like the hat doesn’t sit evenly on my head. I’m probably overthinking this. I made the large size, it nice fits my head and hair and covers my ears, it also fits my husband’s head!

Here’s to a restful weekend with lots of restorative crafting!


It Does Not Look Like Much

photo.JPGThis week I dug out my Morning Coffee sweater and was very pleased to see that I had maybe half a sleeve to finish on the body. I took care of that over the weekend. The purple blob on the right side of the photo is the collar (mostly knit while catching up on Breaking Bad). The blue is the beginning of a Windschief hat for me.  The mornings have had a chill to them and I have had this cake of Malabrigo Rios leftovers sitting on my desk since the spring. Time to knit it up! I am incredibly happy to have fiber in my fingers this week. There have been a few personal events where I can do nothing except wait for the next phone call. My yarn is not a cure-all, but it is soothing.

I haven’t been reading much this week. I have a book on hold to pick up tomorrow, and one I’m planning on getting on to the kindle, so next week I should have a bit more to share. On a book related note, have you read Extra Yarn? It’s very sweet. I just found out this week that you can buy prints! I would love to have this one somewhere in my house: