FO Friday Sockhead Hat


It feels like a long time since I have finished anything. Just in time for the return of the colder weather, I finished the knitting on a Sockhead Hat. I loved working with this yarn, Peppino, from The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze. This project (knit with a variegated yarn) also fits the bill for the recent quarterly challenge from the Loopy Ewe. I have given this hat a test run this week when I really didn’t want to bother doing anything with my hair. It was cozy and comfy, I’m just not sure if it’s the right style for me. Maybe I’m not hipster enough. This hat looks super cute on my daughter, so I think I would consider making this hat again for a kid. However, now that’s done, and I’m looking at a rainy, hopefully laid back weekend and I’ll probably get more wear out of it than I think!

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Warming Up

FO Friday jan 10My FOs that I have to share are part of the Marathon of Warmth. I’ve made two hats and a cowl (386 yards down!) and soon they will be sent out to HatLoveKnits. I really enjoyed working with both of these patterns and the yarns. The teal hat is a Wurm in SimpliWorsted. This one is a bit small on my head, but should fit a teen just fine.  The hat and cowl set (using this hat pattern and this scarf recipe) used up one ball of Red Heart Unforgettable. I liked the construction of the hat – the crown / body are crocheted which went pretty fast and then the brim is worked at 90 degrees. I do think I would try it again. These were knit in the first few days of 2014, mostly while watching London Hospital. I find it fascinating! If you like medical dramas with a touch of soap opera (like ER), I would suggest you try it out. If you have Amazon Prime, both seasons are there for instant streaming.


Hats on Friday

Fall handknts

Sometime last week, or possibly the week before, as the outside temperatures took a major dip, school sent home a note that I needed to send “winter gear” in with my son.  And then we also had to turn on the heat. The time had come to dig out the hats and mitts and scarves and such and take stock.  I did pick up a hat and mittens set for the little nutmeg to have as back up, but also cast on a proper hat. Way back when, I made a Toasty Topper for the Lorax (man, 2009. Look how little!) and she wore that hat for 4 years! It is such a great design – the ties are wide enough to tie securely, the shaping at the back of the neck keeps the hat on and necks warm. It was a natural choice for Nate.  I dug out a bright blue acrylic yarn and it worked up super quick.  He hasn’t fought me too much on wearing it – he was game to have it on outside over the weekend, doing errands this week, kept it on when he went to school and wanted it back on when it was time to leave.  Success! It does keep falling down over one eye, but that is either due to the shape of his head or how I’ve tied it.

Hat & photobombI also finished a new hat for me! I started November Leaves in Green Mountain Spinnery’s Weekend Wool I picked up at Rhinebeck and I could not stop working on it. I love this yarn and the pattern was great. I knit it up by the directions but found it was a bit too tall for me for a fitted beanie style. I ripped back and started my decreases right after the lace section was completed. I have missed knitting hats and plan to do more. A kind knitter sent me yarn to make dinosaur legs and I plan to use the rest of the skein to pay it forward by making a few hats for PatPatsHats.