Blurry blobby bits

This week has been full and on the go. This photo (from my Instagram) sums it up well enough. I’ve had one kid (on the left) be a bit whiny, but that seems to be improving. He is the epitome of being 2. The other kid (you can see part of her leg on the right) has gone back and forth between hyper-excited and bossy. I wish I could bottle some of that. It might be time to admit I might have too many projects going at once.  Mostly they are blobs and not interesting to photograph (Cody Cardi), or I just can’t show you (current sample). Oh well. I will have a finished item (the one I’m knitting in the photo) to share on Friday, so please come back! I’ve been reading more SEO class materials, web design stuff, and an actual book – Survival Mom. It’s not bad and appeals to me in the Girl Scout sense – always be prepared!

How is your week going? What are you reading? What are your WIPs?

Monday Listicle – Photos!

Oh Monday. Certain days are rough enough, but Monday? Today was a doozy. The Lorax and I picked eleven pounds of strawberries yesterday – and there’s only so much you can do so fast with berries. It was a spur of the moment decision to go picking and we filled the flat! I’ve made 5 jars of jam, 1 quart of ice cream, 6 popsicles, and at least 1 cup of strawberry syrup for who knows what. I gave a pint to my in-laws. We’ve been eating them raw just walking through the kitchen. I hope I can get the rest frozen tomorrow (or maybe made into muffins or some cake thing!). I also have spent a good part of the day (and will continue to do so this week) trying to figure out my new computer. I’ve upgraded (it was time and timed well with a birthday splurge) and I must be getting old, because man, Windows 8 is not so great! The computer is fantastic, and I know it will take a while to get things the way I like but that interface is better for a tablet or phone in my opinion, not a laptop on which I’m working. Anyway. Let’s take a break and make a list!

I’m deciding to present my Top 10 Favorite Instagram Photos! I’m nutmegknitter there as well if you’d like to see more! Order is only roughly from oldest to most recent, it is so very hard to pick favorites!

Monday Listicle – Beatuy products

Oh me, oh my. I am so low-key in terms of daily products. Seriously, here’s what I looked like this morning:

#fmsphotoaday Me / you


This is today’s June-photo-a-day for the prompt “Me” – we’re ready to head to school. If my hair is brushed & out of my face, and my face has gotten a splash of water / lotion I’m good to go. I don’t have time or patience (and I’m not willing to devote more time / patience) for an extended morning routine. My morning routine is coffee & breakfast! Anyway, this week’s Monday Listicle is “Top 10 Beauty Products You Can’t Live Without”.

  1. Face Lotion with SPF (I’m really pale with a lot of freckles. I burned a lot as a kid. Now I avoid the sun.)
  2. Body Lotion – generic everyday stuff or Body Shop Body Butters
  3. Shampoo / Conditioner (I have a mane with a mind of its own. Usually 2-in-1, time & patience thing)
  4. Soap (Usually Dove or maybe some handmade soap I could get at a fiber festival.)
  5. Contact Lens solution
  6. Toothpaste
  7. Floss (I’m trying to be better.)
  8. Water
  9. Vaseline / Burts Bees (I used to love the original one, but now I like ones that don’t make your lips tingle – Mango, Pomegranate)
  10. Deodorant

WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along

photo.JPGHappy May! I have a few more books to keep it interesting this week. I haven’t finished the Agatha Christie book yet, but I was so drawn to the cover of Contagious: Why Things Catch On and it seems interesting so far. I thought I would also share what my kids are reading. We are working our way through Little House in the Big Woods with Lorelai. Nate’s been obsessed with Bear at Work. We have several of the “Bear” books, but this one is his favorite. Project-wise, I’m just about ready to pack up this Giant Cactus. I am it needs two more flowers. I have a few knitting jobs that are gearing up, so I’m also swatching.

I’ve decided to add on a few more WIPs, photo-wise.  I do enjoy using Instagram (@nutmegknitter if you’re there!) and am going to try and play along with the “Book-a-Day” and “May-Photo-a-Day” games.


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