Blurry blobby bits

This week has been full and on the go. This photo (from my Instagram) sums it up well enough. I’ve had one kid (on the left) be a bit whiny, but that seems to be improving. He is the epitome of being 2. The other kid (you can see part of her leg on the right) has gone back and forth between hyper-excited and bossy. I wish I could bottle some of that. It might be time to admit I might have too many projects going at once.  Mostly they are blobs and not interesting to photograph (Cody Cardi), or I just can’t show you (current sample). Oh well. I will have a finished item (the one I’m knitting in the photo) to share on Friday, so please come back! I’ve been reading more SEO class materials, web design stuff, and an actual book – Survival Mom. It’s not bad and appeals to me in the Girl Scout sense – always be prepared!

How is your week going? What are you reading? What are your WIPs?

Hats on Friday

Fall handknts

Sometime last week, or possibly the week before, as the outside temperatures took a major dip, school sent home a note that I needed to send “winter gear” in with my son.  And then we also had to turn on the heat. The time had come to dig out the hats and mitts and scarves and such and take stock.  I did pick up a hat and mittens set for the little nutmeg to have as back up, but also cast on a proper hat. Way back when, I made a Toasty Topper for the Lorax (man, 2009. Look how little!) and she wore that hat for 4 years! It is such a great design – the ties are wide enough to tie securely, the shaping at the back of the neck keeps the hat on and necks warm. It was a natural choice for Nate.  I dug out a bright blue acrylic yarn and it worked up super quick.  He hasn’t fought me too much on wearing it – he was game to have it on outside over the weekend, doing errands this week, kept it on when he went to school and wanted it back on when it was time to leave.  Success! It does keep falling down over one eye, but that is either due to the shape of his head or how I’ve tied it.

Hat & photobombI also finished a new hat for me! I started November Leaves in Green Mountain Spinnery’s Weekend Wool I picked up at Rhinebeck and I could not stop working on it. I love this yarn and the pattern was great. I knit it up by the directions but found it was a bit too tall for me for a fitted beanie style. I ripped back and started my decreases right after the lace section was completed. I have missed knitting hats and plan to do more. A kind knitter sent me yarn to make dinosaur legs and I plan to use the rest of the skein to pay it forward by making a few hats for PatPatsHats.

Halloween Hangover


This really was a Halloween to remember for a variety of reasons. This was the first “real” Halloween in 2 years (2011 had a snowstorm, 2012 had Sandy aftermath), my daughter was old enough to actually get into the whole costume and trick-or-treating side of things, and it was warm! Like 60 degrees F!! Positively balmy. Costumes that can keep you warm are key in New England, otherwise they are likely to get covered with a coat. Anyway, it was a good night. We almost did a witch costume again (or maybe a princess), but after showing Lorelai my pinterest boards she was won over by Wonder Woman. Who is a princess on top of being awesome, didn’t you know? Side note, L kept proclaiming “I am Princess Diana” in the car. That was a tricky one to explain – yes, true, but say you’re Wonder Woman, because there’s another Princess Diana and you’re not dressed like her! I am so proud of this costume, homemade and awesome. We covered an old pair of rainboots with duck tape, luckily found some star fabric and glitter foam at JoAnn’s. And she was the only Wonder Woman we saw.

IMG_5829Another pinterest find, Nate was Captain Picard, which also got some notice from other parents when we were out and about.  Again, handmade (assorted Hanes t-shirts & Steam-a-Seam & glitter foam) and he was warm.  It was fun to try and coach him to say “Make It So”, “Engage”, “Captain’s Log”, “Number 1” in addition to “trick or treat”.

I also have an FO for this week. I made a pair of Miittens for baby Vi – either to use as a deterrent from pulling out her feeding tub or as actual mittens. These were super quick to make and I would make them again for Vi if she likes or as baby gifts in the future.

I’m happy for the weekend, even though it looks to be busy.  How about you?



I already know I’m going to want to spotlight the kid’s Halloween costumes on Friday (they are very awesome FOs, even if they are not knit) so I figure that today I’ll share a bit about my weekend, which does include knitting projects!

Saturday was the end of this session of swim lessons. I am so proud of my girl, she is really making progress and seems to be enjoying it, so we will continue. Maybe because our day started so early, but Saturday seemed to drag on and just be an endless day. Whiney children will do that. The weather here has taken a sharp drop and it’s time to pull out the hats and mitts. I intended to start a pair of mitts for the little nutmeg, but I knew once I got through the cuff they were too big. I thought I had a fingering weight yarn and thought if I held it double and made a smaller size that all would work out in the end.  They did work out, but not for him – I had the Lorax try on the cuff and it fit her, so I continued on to make them for her. I am really pleased with how they came out and will make this pattern again – it is Maize, a free pattern from TinCanKnits.

Saturday night I attempted to finish Dinosaur Rex, and I ran out of yarn! I knew I was getting to the end, so I divided the yarn in half, then started the leg and I only was able to knit 12 rows. My husband said the dino didn’t need the legs and of course it was the first thing the Lorax noticed when she saw him! I think there’s a limerick in there somewhere:  “Terrence, the tap dancing dinosaur / Only has 2 limbs instead of four / (something something something – I ran out of yarn, with none to be found?) / So Terrence will tap-dance no more.” I made him with Vanna’s Choice, something easy to find, but this was a stashbusting project and I really don’t want to buy another skein of it just for the legs. (If you have 1/3 or 1/4 a cranberry skein, let me know! I’ll buy it from you!). I’m thinking about maybe just giving him stripey legs to match the tummy panel, but for now, it will do. It is still a huggable toy.

On Sunday I took the Lorax to the town “Trunk or Treat” which was very cute and great people watching. It was a nice Halloween event for families, so it ran towards the cute vs gory or scary, and there weren’t older kids around being obnoxious (which they totally could have done). We saw a stick figure family, a scuba diver, a minion, princesses, lots of animals: dogs, cats, bunnies, and sharks – lots of sharks. Maybe I kept seeing the same kids but it seemed like there were a lot of sharks. I also finished a project that is a present and being sent off today; I should be able to share that one on Friday too.

And here we are, looking at Monday. I am hoping to do more with my 30 day sweater and my queue of fingerless mitts / hats is just ridiculous, but involves using some new yarns, so that’s fun!


Socks and a Birthday

Sock set Socks forward

This may be the turning of the tide! I finished the socks for the Lorax this week. I held back from outright giving them to her mostly out of fear that she would balk at the idea, so I just left them on the table.  She found them and brought them over to me, “Here Mom, you forgot your socks!” I told her they aren’t mine, they are too small, they probably would fit her.  She sat right down and put them on right away. Then ran around the house and tested out how slippery they are on the floors. Score! They fit, they look cute, and she can put them on, and she seemed to like them. Now the test will be if she actually wears them. She did put them away in her sock drawer (“for winter” as she told her dad last night).

And this kid, my baby, is now 2!! Amazing. He’s my baby but changing so fast – he’s quite verbal and such a boy and so similar and so different from his sister.  A parenting email I got this week that discusses developmental stages and ages topics started with this, “Your Preschooler: 2 years old!” Wait, what? When did being 2 make you a preschooler? I thought I had a toddler for a bit longer.  He is headed off to a “school” program for 2 year olds in a few weeks, but c’mon – we all know it’s just in the middle of daycare and preschool. We’re doing a small family party this weekend – general trucks / construction trucks theme.  Should be a good time!