Shawl, Socks and a Dino WIP

082113We’re in the back-to-school-prep-zone this week. Why do I want to start a million new projects (not necessarily knitting or crochet related) when I know there is only so much time in the day? A new school year feels like a fresh start, even if I am not the student anymore.  In between party prep, party clean-up, figuring out how to prep for the new school year, I have no reading material aside from school documents.  I let the hold on the ebook lapse, oops.  I have been making decent progress on my projects though! Last night I finished the 4th skein in my August Augusta Shawl for Camp Loopy, yay! I don’t want to jinx myself, but I am in decent shape to finish on time! I am working on a Terence-tap-dancing T-rex for a swap (sadly, long overdue!) and I brought the Carousel socks to swim lessons. I would really like to finish them. I think they are going to be 2 different heights and I’m ok with that, because really who is going to notice? I have had a lot of trouble measuring these for the lengths. I have a bit more on the foot, then I will be picking up stitches for the cuff, toes and heels.