Weekend and Crushes

How was your weekend? I really enjoyed mine – Saturday was full of swim lessons (and a Hello! to Heather, fellow knitter!), rediscovering a hibernating project, podcasts, watching Fiber Factor, dinner out, and a fire in the new fire bowl.  Sunday involved a whirlwind trip to New York to see “Book of Mormon” with my husband, parents, uncle, and brother. Great show, highly irreverent and offensive on many levels but really, really funny. I brought a pair of socks along for knitting on the train. This is Twisted Limone in “Over the Rainbow” in the Vanilla Latte pattern.  So far, so good!
 This week’s list is 10 Things I Have a Crush On

  1. Self striping yarn
  2. The Frosted Pumpkin patterns
  3. Jared Flood (and his whole pattern line)
  4. Cables
  5. New York City – being back there this weekend only makes me want to go back there more.
  6. Salted Caramel whatever: ice cream, fancy coffee drinks
  7. Accents. Particularly Irish ones.
  8. Etsy items – project bags, yarn, artwork, love it. (side note: I recently enabled myself to score a bag from GirlCaveBags and Bling Your String, they are awesome! I’m also waiting on yarn from Marigoldjen to arrive – the shipping notice arrived within 30 minutes of my order! Should be here today I think.)
  9. Iceland – hoping to make a trip there happen sooner than later
  10. The return of fall weather – sweaters, mugs of hot drinks, cozy, cozy, cozy!

Monday Listicle: Life with Kids

I haven’t done a listicle in a while, but I could not resist the prompt for today. When I started blogging I think most of the posts featured Jackson, my first “kid”, in some way or another. It still happens now that I might meet someone who reads this blog and they know Jackson! Then the lorax and the little nutmeg arrived, and they have dominated the blog among the knitting for a while.  Lately it has gotten harder to get decent photos – someone is always moving or, moving to see how the photo came out! Instagram is great for sharing a lot of these quick snaps, so many on my listicle come from there. All were taken with my phone.  I really need to charge up my big camera and just get back to it. Anyway, here’s today’s listicle:





Dachshund kisses

Nose to nose.


Line up

Lining up the crews.


Buckle up

Buckle Up


Silly face

Someone was playing with my phone.



Alseep in the car. Rare.





perfect day for ice cream! #freeconeday #Ben&Jerrys

Ice Cream Cones!









Monday Listicle

I forget now how I discovered the Monday Listicle, but I think it’s a fun idea.  I love lists.  To do’s, Won’t Dos, Maybe Dos, Mix Tapes, etc.  Maybe a good jump start for the week, which is sure to be a busy one. Cheers to the start of June!


  1. Eyes
  2. Smile (or lack thereof)
  3. Hair
  4. Shoes – with socks, hopefully. I can’t stand shoes and no socks (ick, so sweaty! Wear flip flops then!)
  5. Are they wearing a watch?
  6. Accessories – jewelry or tattoos
  7. What are they doing?
  8. How they react towards me.
  9. How they react towards my children.
  10. The general vibe I get from them – I’m usually trusting of most, but a few wrong encounters with the crazy and creepy have left my guard up a bit more.