Just another list

I don’t have any finished objects to share right now, but I did want to make a post. While doing some blog searches this afternoon I came across Pip’s post, “Things I Grew Up With” and it just struck a chord. Who doesn’t need a good dash of nostalgia on a Friday afternoon? (Also? I love this #52lists idea and may have to play along!) I am so obviously a child of the 80s, how about you?

My (very incomplete) list of “Things I Grew Up With”:

Rainbow Brite Gardening with my dad
Punky Brewster Ed Emberly books
JEM Flute Lessons
Michael Jackson Ponytails
My Little Ponies French Braids
Strawberry Shortcake Sleepovers
Jelly Shoes Tiger Beat
Debbie Gibson Corey Haim
Tiffany Labyrinth
MTV Muppets
Cheerios Muppet Movies
Little House on the Prairie Books
Nancy Drew Books Trips to the RI beaches
Judy Blume Books outings on my grandfather’s boat
Beverly Cleary Books Trips to the zoo
Floss friendship bracelets  Dukes of Hazaard
Roos sneakers Singin’ in the Rain
Pogo Ball Victory Garden on PBS
Braingames Star Wars
Girl Scouts Pen pals

Monday Listicle – Beatuy products

Oh me, oh my. I am so low-key in terms of daily products. Seriously, here’s what I looked like this morning:

#fmsphotoaday Me / you


This is today’s June-photo-a-day for the prompt “Me” – we’re ready to head to school. If my hair is brushed & out of my face, and my face has gotten a splash of water / lotion I’m good to go. I don’t have time or patience (and I’m not willing to devote more time / patience) for an extended morning routine. My morning routine is coffee & breakfast! Anyway, this week’s Monday Listicle is “Top 10 Beauty Products You Can’t Live Without”.

  1. Face Lotion with SPF (I’m really pale with a lot of freckles. I burned a lot as a kid. Now I avoid the sun.)
  2. Body Lotion – generic everyday stuff or Body Shop Body Butters
  3. Shampoo / Conditioner (I have a mane with a mind of its own. Usually 2-in-1, time & patience thing)
  4. Soap (Usually Dove or maybe some handmade soap I could get at a fiber festival.)
  5. Contact Lens solution
  6. Toothpaste
  7. Floss (I’m trying to be better.)
  8. Water
  9. Vaseline / Burts Bees (I used to love the original one, but now I like ones that don’t make your lips tingle – Mango, Pomegranate)
  10. Deodorant