Monday Listicle: Life with Kids

I haven’t done a listicle in a while, but I could not resist the prompt for today. When I started blogging I think most of the posts featured Jackson, my first “kid”, in some way or another. It still happens now that I might meet someone who reads this blog and they know Jackson! Then the lorax and the little nutmeg arrived, and they have dominated the blog among the knitting for a while.  Lately it has gotten harder to get decent photos – someone is always moving or, moving to see how the photo came out! Instagram is great for sharing a lot of these quick snaps, so many on my listicle come from there. All were taken with my phone.  I really need to charge up my big camera and just get back to it. Anyway, here’s today’s listicle:





Dachshund kisses

Nose to nose.


Line up

Lining up the crews.


Buckle up

Buckle Up


Silly face

Someone was playing with my phone.



Alseep in the car. Rare.





perfect day for ice cream! #freeconeday #Ben&Jerrys

Ice Cream Cones!









Monday Listicle – Photos!

Oh Monday. Certain days are rough enough, but Monday? Today was a doozy. The Lorax and I picked eleven pounds of strawberries yesterday – and there’s only so much you can do so fast with berries. It was a spur of the moment decision to go picking and we filled the flat! I’ve made 5 jars of jam, 1 quart of ice cream, 6 popsicles, and at least 1 cup of strawberry syrup for who knows what. I gave a pint to my in-laws. We’ve been eating them raw just walking through the kitchen. I hope I can get the rest frozen tomorrow (or maybe made into muffins or some cake thing!). I also have spent a good part of the day (and will continue to do so this week) trying to figure out my new computer. I’ve upgraded (it was time and timed well with a birthday splurge) and I must be getting old, because man, Windows 8 is not so great! The computer is fantastic, and I know it will take a while to get things the way I like but that interface is better for a tablet or phone in my opinion, not a laptop on which I’m working. Anyway. Let’s take a break and make a list!

I’m deciding to present my Top 10 Favorite Instagram Photos! I’m nutmegknitter there as well if you’d like to see more! Order is only roughly from oldest to most recent, it is so very hard to pick favorites!