Wrapping Up August

For this edition of FO Friday, I have two things that were completed to share with you. I’ll share the crochet one first. My August Augusta Shawl, in Manos del Uruguay Serena, is finished and that means I have successfully completed Camp Loopy 2013! I am quite impressed with myself that I did it. I love the idea of KALs and I love to join whatever popular knitting thing is going on, but I rarely follow through. I get distracted easily, life happens and all the rest. The Augusta Shawl is perfect for newer crocheters (you do the same stitch until the skein runs out, switch colors, repeat) and was the exact sort of project I needed for working on something while watching TV. And now that it is done, I’m sad. I feel like all my projects are fiddly and require attention. I’m on the lookout for some sort of appropriate replacement (yes, even with my pile of active WIPs).

BLarmsThe other big accomplishment this week is that school has started and the Lorax is now a Kindergartener!! You could knock me over with a length of laceweight yarn because even though I have been looking forward to this day for a long time, I can’t believe it is for real. It’s really happening, we put her on the bus and away she went. While waiting for the bus we were taking some silly pictures, including this one to show how strong we are. Awesome. She got on the bus without much fuss and when she came home she bounded off the bus, all smiles. Phew!


Have a great weekend!


Shawl, Socks and a Dino WIP

082113We’re in the back-to-school-prep-zone this week. Why do I want to start a million new projects (not necessarily knitting or crochet related) when I know there is only so much time in the day? A new school year feels like a fresh start, even if I am not the student anymore.  In between party prep, party clean-up, figuring out how to prep for the new school year, I have no reading material aside from school documents.  I let the hold on the ebook lapse, oops.  I have been making decent progress on my projects though! Last night I finished the 4th skein in my August Augusta Shawl for Camp Loopy, yay! I don’t want to jinx myself, but I am in decent shape to finish on time! I am working on a Terence-tap-dancing T-rex for a swap (sadly, long overdue!) and I brought the Carousel socks to swim lessons. I would really like to finish them. I think they are going to be 2 different heights and I’m ok with that, because really who is going to notice? I have had a lot of trouble measuring these for the lengths. I have a bit more on the foot, then I will be picking up stitches for the cuff, toes and heels.



Shawl and sock WIPGoing for the short and sweet version today.

Reading: I finished Me Before You and would totally recommend it. Impulsively I grabbed The Woman Upstairs at the library from the 7-day loan section.  It’s slow going, mostly because I keep stopping to re-read passages.  I really like this main character. Sadly, I’m only 40 pages in and this book is a non-renewal, so it’s going back to the library. I will pick it up again someday. I did get the notice that Dark Places is available for me as a digital download, so I will be shifting to that book in the next few days.

Knitting: I started a pair of Simple Summer Socks for me because the yarn was wound and ready and my other project needed the next skein wound. I have had this one skein for a long time and always wanted to do something with it, so this pair of anklets should be just right.  I’m having trouble keeping my rows straight and for a section I repeated the yo, decrease so there is a spot that’s just not quite right, but I’m the only one who’ll notice.  Well, me and my husband only because I’m sure to point it out to him each time I wear them. I’m in the middle of the foot on the first sock.

Crocheting: My Camp Loopy project, the Augusta Shawl, is moving along nicely.  The great thing about this pattern is you just keep crocheting until the skein runs out! I have worked my way through 2 of the 5 skeins so far and I feel like I’m on the right track.

And how about you?


A new shawl, new book, new socks


Last week in my WIP Wednesday post, I had just downloaded a new book for the kindle. I haven’t even looked at that book once because on Thursday I got the notice from the library that Me Before You was in for me to pick up. I have had trouble putting it down, it’s fantastic. Project wise, I’ve been moving along on the socks for L. She has seen me work on them, but hasn’t asked about them and I haven’t said much about them to her either.  They are moving along quickly which is great! The yarn is Knit Picks Stroll and I keep finding myself thinking about how soft these are! I hope they hold up okay. I should be on to the foot tonight or tomorrow. I have started an Augusta Shawl as my third project for Camp Loopy. I’m using Manos del Uruguay Serena and it is heavenly. Here’s a shot of the project with the colors I will be using:

Camp loopy #3 planned

Do you see that black thing holding the pattern on the left? It reminds me of when I was in elementary school. The daily attendance was marked off on a paper and then each classroom would hang it on the door for collection. My k-8 school had one long corridor (one door for each grade) and when I was in 8th grade I got to be the one to collect the attendance and bring it to the office.

There are also a few other secret projects that are in progress & finished, but I can’t share them yet.

Have you linked up?


FO Friday: Stripe Study



I am so very excited that I finished my Stripe Study shawl. The first mini-collage was right after I cast off. This was my second project as part of Camp Loopy with The Loopy Ewe. The pattern is so straight forward and perfect for tv-knitting, if you do that sort of thing. This was my first time to use Kauni and I would use it again.  This yarn, being 100% wool, is a bit more on the sheepy-rustic side. I did occasionally find small bits of vegetative matter in there and as the humidity picked up I felt like I noticed more of a sheepy smell.  After a bath in Eucalan (Wrapture), it smells less sheepy and is a bit softer. I absolutely adore the way the colors are so saturated and this gradient colorway. I would seek out Kauni again for other gradient projects. I really would love to get my hands on the rainbow colorway!


The last few rows seemed to take forever, but this project does really move along and I think having a color-changing yarn helped keep my interest.  Now comes the challenge (for me) – how the heck do I wear this thing? As my husband said “It’s not symmetrical.” Yeah, I knew that when I started, but I’m realizing it makes it tricky to wear. It is cozy over the shoulders so I may just wrap myself up in it, or go bandit style.


Jackson approved!

Almost at the End!

Shawl & crochet in progress

I am so close to being in the final stretch of my Stripe Study shawl -colored stripe #12 to go, then on to the last grey section! I even dreamt about this shawl last night, that was a first. Garter stitch is just so soothing. The rows are getting longer, so it feels like it is taking forever, but I do love that I can mostly work on this in an auto-pilot mode.  Auto-pilot of one version or another. If you follow me on instagram, you have seen my mistake – somehow I switched and purled a row or two because I have a very small wedge of stockinette! Design feature anyone? Oh well.

I’m almost to the end of “The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake”.  This book is unsettling to me and I am having trouble figuring out why. I heard from 2 people (who I often look to for book recommendations and trust their opinions on such things) that they either a) didn’t like this book or b) wanted to know what I thought because this book didn’t do it for them.  Without spoiling anything, I think I can say – the part with Joe and the chair? What’s up with that? I feel like I’m missing a big chunk of this story, like there were parts edited out or just not included? Maybe it will all come together in the last section.

I have also been working on a crochet project (the star shaped item above) and have run out of yarn! Briefly I considered substituting yarn, but that would mean starting over. Not a big deal to do that of course, but I like the yarn I’m using now – it matched the rest of the project (which is under wraps for now). Luckily, Ravelry to the rescue, I found one skein in the exact dye lot (!!!) and a kind knitter responded to my request quite quickly! I have decided to rip out my “Vanilla with Rainbow Sprinkles” socks that I started (basic vanilla toe up socks). I knit past the toe and they were just looking big to me. I measured them up to the other socks I recently finished and they are wider too. I should pull out the sock books I have and read up on this toe-up business – I saw online in two different places that the toe only needs to be increased to the point where it will cover 4 of your toes, because there will be some give width-wise. Have you heard that? So, I’ll rip them out and start over. I may end up with two at a time, top down because that’s what I know by heart. I am on the hunt for a good toe-up pattern for stripey yarns – let me know in the comments if you’ve got a good one queued!


WIP & Yarn Along

Yarn along / wip
How are you holding up in the heat? I am thankful to have the air conditioner on, but I do wish it wasn’t running full all the time. I hate to sweat, so I’m a bit more crabby lately.  Last week (or maybe the week before) I tried a “Homemade Slushee” recipe I found on Pinterest – it’s amazing! If you have an ice cream maker (and you like slushee type treats) give it a try! My knitting has been moving along even quite nicely. I think I have 9 stripes on my Stripe Study shawl done and I still love this project and love the colors.  I also fired up my kindle again and have downloaded “The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake” from the library. Hope you are able to find ways to stay cool and beat the heat!

Lots to Share!

WIP Wednesday I’m very excited to link up with WIP Wednesday & Yarn Along this week, look at that pile! Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, is very good and I am half-way through it. I want to read Gone Girl, but currently the library has it on a 7 day loan status, something I may have been able to do before kids (and knitting). I expect that I will pick up Dark Places next; I do like a series. I was given a Zoom Loom for my birthday from the gals with whom I work and I have been having fun playing with it a bit. The blue square is a Schaefer cotton and the pinky-green is a berroco (I think).  This is going to be a lot of fun and if nothing else will ensure I have coasters! The key really is to be relaxed when first winding the yarn before you begin weaving. I have rediscovered my love of socks and pulled out my Jelly Beans (started last summer!) that had a second sock started and I’ll be ready to do that heel tonight / tomorrow. The rainbow / white stripey socks are my first two-at-a-time toe-up socks and first time with a self-striping yarn; it’s rainbow brite and I love them! For this first time around I am using a Vanilla socks pattern. Also in the pile is my Stripe Study Shawl, project #2 for Camp Loopy. For this round at “camp” we’ve been assigned to a Treehouse (last month we were assigned a mountain for hiking) – I tossed my receipt when the yarn arrived and didn’t think to look at the bottom! Oops. Stripe Study is very relaxing project that seems to move through the repeats quickly and I don’t mind the garter stitch. Squishy goodness.  I love how Kauni changes colors – the skein I have goes between green, purples and blues.  Love love love these projects!