Oh, Life.

Typical.  I get all excited to do something and then the follow through falls through.  I truly intended to complete the entire week of posts for the Knitting & Crochet Blog Week.  Wednesday was thrown off for kindergarten parent orientation (and a subsequent letter writing campaign), Thursday I had to put my energy into work, Friday was all sorts of busy with school activities for my daughter – a field trip and a dance.  So, the blog went to the back burner for a bit. It happens.

Here were are ready for the dance. It was a good time. I wasn’t sure which dress she would want to wear – Lorelai is highly opinionated on her clothes – and she wanted to wear a dress my mom brought over that was mine when I was about 6 years old.  Vintage Polly Flinders there! She looked adorable. On Saturday we went to the CT Sheep & Wool – it was so funny to pull into a parking spot, and in the car next to us on one side was Dayna from Madison Wool, and Gracey on the other! It was quick because Lorelai was distracted by everything.  It worked out ok; I wasn’t shopping for yarn this time.  I really wanted to see the Stitched by JessaLu bags – I picked up a new one, coffee themed! I also wanted to see “the button lady” for buttons for my Morning Coffee sweater.  I did pick up a set, but I’m not 100% that they will work.  Then Sunday we went to a birthday party.  On top of all that a family member was in a serious car accident Thursday night, so that has been a cloud overhead, and we’re waiting to hear positive news. So yeah, life.

photo.JPGI did finish the slugs that were a special request for a friend.  I don’t usually make the same pattern more than once – but these are slugs #3 & #4. I really am a big fan of Stacey / FreshStitches designs! I am working on a set of owls by request of another friend, and again I am using Stacey’s Tiny Owl pattern.

We’ll see you back here for Yarn Along / WIP Wednesday – I’ve started a new book and have WIPs to share!