Spring Training

March is wrapping up and roaring on out. But wait, it roared in – where are the warmer spring days and sunshine? Even this morning I’ve seen rain, snow and sleet! Let’s focus on the new and different then, shall we? I am going to give spinning a try again. I have a drop spindle (two actually – a beautiful one my husband bought me from etsy ages ago, and one from the Louet Learn to Spin Kit), the “From Fluff to Stuff” Craftsy Class is in my library, and I’m further motivated by the Spring Training that Louet & the Woolery are doing over on Ravelry! The first part of the Spring Training is “stash declaration” – I do not have much at all in the way of fiber stash, just what came with the kit. So, here’s my starting point:

Between the kit, the class, books, and the Ravelry groups, I should be good to go right? Do you spin on a spindle? Do you have tips / tricks / favorite tutorials / advice for a new spinner?