there and back again

And there goes June. This weekend was very busy, but in the best possible way: with family and yarn! My brother (the guy on the right), who has been in Chile for the last 2 years, is home for just about a month. My parents and brother (the one in the middle) went there this spring to visit, and we have been able to g-chat, but it just isn’t the same as being in the same room!




After being fueled by a home-cooked breakfast from mom (what’s better than that?!) the Lorax and I took a ride up to Putney, Vermont to visit the Green Mountain Spinnery.  I do work with them and it was overdue that I see the mill for myself. It’s pretty incredible – the space is amazing – smaller than you think (and yet still, bigger somehow – they do have a lot of yarn there!). The machines are all right there and there is fluff everywhere. We took the grand tour and spent some time chatting. I managed to not take a single picture! You are better off to click on over to the Spinnery website and see their virtual tour – seriously, they aren’t hiding anything in those photos! The only thing hard to capture in the photos is that the wool, as it goes from fluff to stuff, is that this is not a big factory / push a button and out pops yarn. There are people touching your yarn every step of the way. Very hands-on.  I was very project specific and have stocked up for winter hats for each of the kids, boot socks for Dan, a hat pattern for me and sock yarn for me. This picture of the Lorax is the only one I took! I used this as my entry into the photo contest in the Stitched by JessaLu ravelry group – and guess what? I won! Thank you random number generator! I adore my Stitched by JessaLu bags and it seems I’m collecting them now!