Socks, a scarf, a kit and a book

I finished Stitches last week and enjoyed it, though I was left wanting a bit more. Lucky for me, my mom brought Help, Thanks, Wow to borrow (which I gave to her at Christmas). I have yet to start it; maybe I’ll be able to sneak in a few pages today. I’ve also been reading class material on website development, which will help me at work. And I’m finally going to be taking nutmegknitter to it’s very own dot-com! Exciting stuff!


In the last week I have knit on my March Socks and a crochet scarf. The heels are turned on the socks, so now it’s a matter of deciding how tall I want the legs to be. There is a strong temptation to make these socks shortie-style just to be done with them. On the other hand, the yarn is an MCN blend and I don’t want to stop knitting with it. The crochet scarf is a challenge project for Team Stitchosaurs and the eatsleepknit Yarn Marathon.

It has been a long while since I joined any sort of yarn club or bought any themed kits, but I did treat myself last week. From the Stockinette Zombies podcast I learned about Little Skein on etsy, when she did a custom kit focused around the Extra Yarn book. This latest kit is focused on the children’s book “I Love You as Much”. We used to read this to my daughter and she would act out the parts with her dad (adorable!) and we’ve been reading it to my son and when I tell him I love him to the moon and back when I put him to bed, he replies with “and across the river”. So I stalked the update and purchased it. I have to say, I am completely sold and would buy any other kit that Anne creates. The are on par with the kits I had bought in the past from WoolGirl. Not only is the bag well made, but everything in the kit so nicely fits the theme – the yarn, the pattern, the stitch markers, the candy…. I love it! I am already putting the bag to good use and it is holding a new project, bunny-themed of course. I have one leg done, but I think holding the yarn doubled was not a smart choice as the fabric is too stiff. So I don’t really have much to show you there.

Holding Steady

This week the WIP that held my attention the most is that of the Mighty Violet.

My niece had her second open heart surgery in 6 months. She’ll be 7 months old next week. I went up to wait out the day with her parents on Wednesday. It was super long day, and thankfully (fingers crossed, knocking on wood, all those good luck things you do) surgery went well and as planned and her recovery is moving along equally well. I’m hoping to visit again next week. As you can imagine, there was much knitting that day. I brought projects that were auto-pilot knitting: March’s Personal Sock Club and Sockhead hat. I’ll share photos of the knitting WIPs later, right now I’ve got the Mighty Ultra Violet on my mind and I’d rather look at her.

March is roaring in

I didn’t get the chance to post last week because I was simply too busy keeping track of all my irons in the fire. I think I have a good handle on things, but still have to deal with the distractions like everyone does. Anyway, Hello March! It’s another Wednesday, so what am I working on?

My Peeps Socks – the February Personal Sock Club. I turned the heel over the weekend with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I worked my way through it much more quickly this time and still enjoyed it. Now that I’m on to the leg, I am finding that I don’t understand why anyone who makes toe-up socks makes a them with a leg at all because the temptation to just be done is strong? My usual go-to with socks is top-down and I like my socks to be 4-5″ before I start the heel. I am doing this on these as well, but man – once you get an inch past the heel I could have done the ribbing and been done with that! I will be working the cuff on these today and tomorrow and expect that they will be finished for Friday, yay! My daughter did pick out a bag for the March Personal Sock Club and it contains Canon Hand Dyes Self Striping, but I want to finish these first before casting those on. I feel way more confident about making toe-up socks two-at-a-time now!

I gave in to the temptation of the Loopy Ewe a few weeks back. I also had a credit burning a hole in my digital wallet. I picked two skeins of The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze Peppino in Grey Granite. My intention is to make a sockhead hat with it and enter it into this quarter’s challenge. A sockhead hat was never really on my radar, but I feel like lately I have seen a bunch across the different podcasts and I just want one. Should be good auto-pilot knitting. I have a lion’s mane of hair so I hope it looks ok. My dad used to tell me I looked good in hats, and I’ve heard similar things when I wear a baseball cap, but I can’t seem to find the right knit hat.

I finished up two knit-for-hire / sample knitting projects and they were sent on their way. One I’ll share on Friday, the other is under wraps for a bit until the pattern is released. Other things I’m working on? I’ve gone down a rabbit hole in thinking about stuff for my blog and sample knitting. I finished up my search engine course and have signed up to take a Google Analytics course, so I’m down that rabbit hole to improve my skills in that arena. There’s still 4-6 projects on assorted needles, only 1 of which I’ll be giving any attention to in the next few days, but that’s another post. How have you been?

Not out of place


This weekend the hubs and I got the chance to have a mini-vacation. 24 hours away was a welcome change of pace. We drove up to Worcester (wuss-tah), MA to catch Alton Brown’s Edible Inevitable Tour with friends. Of course I brought my knitting, my Personal Sock Club – February Edition socks. These socks are plain vanilla toe-up style, but were perfect for working on during the show. We had pretty good seats (Row E, House Left) and the lighting was pretty good too. Lucky for me, my husband & friends were ok with me knitting during the show. I was also not the nerdiest person there with my knitting! I made really good progress. The photo of me with the Alton Brown poster was before the show started, and I think I have maybe half an inch or so to go before the heel turn!

We didn’t make into the audience group shot, but it’s still pretty cool!

Enjoyable WIPs


Is it fair to show a WIP that is now finished? If you follow me on pretty much any other social media channel, I posted about how I started a hat over the weekend, and couldn’t stop working on it! It’s done, washed, and is drying now.  I hope I will be able to get a few photos tomorrow. When it was still in-progress, I popped it on Jackson, just to see – I may have to indulge the pup and make him a new neckwarmer out of the lovely Weekend Wool! I also started a sock, the first of a pair intended for my husband. The yarn is Bugga and has such a great squish factor, along with the phenomenal color. He respects and appreciates the handknits, so I enjoy knitting for him. I will make this pattern, Simple Skyp Socks, again as it feels like it just flies off the needles! I have some highly variegated yarn in my stash that I would like to see how it plays with the stitch pattern. I think a tonal or semisolid would also work well here. It reminds me of knitting the Monkey socks – it’s enjoyable to knit and is a pattern that works with every yarn. Have you had an enjoyable WIP this week?




Stripes and blobs

WIPs 10.8.13My weekly pile of projects! It’s relatively small this week, as the bulk of my time was spent on my 30 Day Sweater Challenge (and then, ripping it out). I worked on the dinosaur tummy panel during a meeting, and his tail was started during a car ride. The stripey socks have the heel flaps done and are ready for a little bit more attention to turn the heel. The blurb in the lower portion of the photo is the current state of my 30 Day Sweater. I am hoping to make some serious progress over the next few nights. I would like nothing more than to be under a big pile of wool right now – I have come down with whatever cold is going around and I’m freezing! My afternoon plans include working from the couch (thank heavens for laptops and being able to work from home), several refills of a mug of hot water, and a blanket. Exciting times. A very exciting note is that the buttons I ordered for my Morning Coffee have arrived and I think they will work! I’m planning to get that finished up this weekend (ends woven in, blocked, attach buttons). It will be next week’s FO & I’ll be wearing it to Rhinebeck!



Decisions on WIP Wednesday

WIPs 10/2Here’s my pleasant pile of projects and what I’m perusing. I’m on the button-hole band of my Morning Coffee and I’ve hit a wall (it’s all mostly mental). Part one: The buttons are still to be determined! I bought a set at the CT Sheep and Wool this spring, but a) I don’t absolutely love them and b) I’m worried that the 8 buttons I have are slightly too small and would look silly. I found some interesting buttons on etsy and ordered them. They have shipped, so hopefully once they get here all will be clear. Part two: I was watching a “Fiber Factor” judging episode and Cirilia mentioned this particular chapter in the “Knitting in Plain English” book. That’s “Buttonholes are Bastards” in case you can’t read it in the photo. I hesitate to make a button-hole band because I haven’t decided on buttons and I’m wondering if maybe faking the buttons (putting them on the front) and adding snaps to the back is an easier work around. I need to mull it over a bit more. Also in that pile you can see I have started a Runty Raccoon from Rebecca Danger’s 50 Yards of Fun book. He’s for a swap and he’s coming out so cute! Nate’s Dinosaur has also been worked on – the main body is done, as is the tummy panel (not shown, but it’s yellow and orange striped), so I have limbs and the tail still to do. The swatch is my swatch for the 30 Day Sweater challenge. Same yarn as in my Morning Coffee sweater, Good Karma Farm 60% wool / 40% alpaca in the “When Doves Dye” colorway. I love this yarn! After my mental flip-flopping over a pattern, I’m going to go with a very basic pullover sweater, customized by my measurements and the gauge measurements, following the 30-day outline. I’m going to try and take a picture daily, then compile them for a post – maybe weekly, but at the very least include them in my Ravelry project page. The math is done, today is a cast on day (done!) and I have just under 3 inches to knit. Seems do-able.

Happy October!


Waiting on WIP Wednesday

Today is a tough day. Violet is having open heart surgery. I’m waiting, hoping, praying, and sending as many positive thoughts as I can out into the universe. I am welcoming distractions of my own kids and work, and my yarn is not far (right next to my computer actually, and at my feet). I have an almost-finished Windschief hat, I am short by several yards, but luckily another knitter has the same yarn and is helping me after that foolish game of yarn chicken (I love that phrase!). The collar on my Morning Coffee is slowly but surely moving along (how is it possible that 4 inches feels like you have to knit 4 feet?). I worked a bit on the Rainbow Latte socks; they need to be measured for a double check, but I am pretty sure they are ready for some heel work. I started a dinosaur for Nate and I have started a wee pair of socks for Violet to help keep monitors in place. I picked up a book based purely on title and cover photo, then I realized it was written by a blogger who I had given up on reading / following. I gave the book a two-chapter chance and we’re not clicking, so that will go back to the library. It’s a meh sort of day and I really don’t feel like pulling out the projects for a photo, so instead I turn to pinterest.  Give your kids a hug.

(Most awesome Threadless Shirt appropriate for today I think)



Nothing but a mess

MessHello Wednesday. It’s September 11, a day that will always make me stop, for more than a moment.  Remember what happened, and remember what happened next. There was a lot of knitting amid the mess. And that will take me into my WIPs for this week. I have finished a few projects, started / stopped others, ripped out another. The space between my desk and the couch is where most of my current projects reside. It is a disaster area. I am hoping to be able to sort this out today – put away the needles not in use, wind up and return the yarn leftovers to stash and figure out the current state of the active projects. I can tolerate a great deal of clutter, it just doesn’t bother me most days (and I’m organized in my head), but today I’m fed up. Ready to chuck it all and start from scratch.  Here’s to a tidy rest of the week!


Fiddly WIPs

Fiddly WIPsIt’s the Wednesday before school starts and life is fiddly. We are getting ready for the start of Kindergarten for the Lorax and early preschool for the Nutmeg. I have what feels like a million things going on in my head (label this, read that, pay attention to this schedule, wait! who needs shoes / pants / etc, wait! you need a binder and page protectors? for kindergarten?! Fill out those forms!). I have actively worked on all these projects this week and they are all fiddly right now! I am enjoying working on them but as I have finished my Camp Loopy project (yay! stay tuned for Friday!) I now have no auto-pilot knitting! For shame! Time to cast on something else 🙂 Maybe I will be able to try a plain toe-up sock again. I think I will need a project for waiting on the school bus and parking lot pick ups. The purple-white item on the left is to be a gift so I can’t say much else about that. I picked up the Simple Summer Socks again and am in the middle of the heel.  Above those are two green arms for Terence, the tap-dancing-dinosaur. I want one of these for myself and will likely knit him again after a while, although I read ahead in the pattern and his feet? Essentially socks.  16 stitch wide socks.  Oy. The grey / green stripe is the first of what I’m calling DPH Socks (original pattern: IBH Toasty Toes), in Green Mountain Spinnery’s Weekend Wool – love this yarn! I almost used a skein to make that new Mary Anne Hat, but instead will put it on my shopping list for Rhinebeck. And then above them are my Carousel socks. when I took that out of the bag to photograph, I pulled out the needle and then couldn’t get the stitches picked back up proper so I pulled out about 1.5 inches of work there, ugh. There is one more sock pattern I have started, a pair of knee-highs for the Lorax, not included in the group shot. I have the toe of one sock done and wanted to get the second one set and then work them two-at-a-time. That technique is really growing on me!