Me & my dog

Me & my dog
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10 months later, and Jackson is no longer completely freaked out by Lorelai “petting” him. I was going to use a different photo for the “10 month” post today, but I caught this quick with the iphone and it’s just so sweet!

So, dear Lorelai, here’s where we’re at: You haven’t gained much weight since your 6 month check up – the pediatrician is a little concerned and wants us to give you formula. You hate it. I use it to make up your cereal, but otherwise we just feed you more, and that you like! Might as well use those 7 teeth! Last night you even had the same dinner as mommy & daddy – pork tenderloin and couscous! Last night at dinner you started waving too – Daddy waved first and you did it back!

I love seeing how excited you get when I ask you if you want to read a book – your whole body shakes (like it does when I offer you the bowl of Cheerios!). We’re working on giving high-fives and giving kisses – right now you lean your head in. It’s a start. This week you’ve gotten very vocal – and loud, what’s up with that? I caught you cruising along the couch last weekend too! It’s been a big month – first haircut, first fair and we’ve got lots to look forward too!

The Saddest Little Acorn

Doesn’t that sound like a children’s book?

I was inspired before all the rain started to make an acorn hat – figured it was a good seasonal hat, might be something different for the craft fair – so I stopped in at the Yarn Basket and picked up some wool / acrylic yarn in browns. After some fiddling, I love these hats. I made three this weekend – one small (56st cast on) and two medium (64st cast on) – they are fantastic and I love them! (Ravelry details here)
Lorelai was not feeling the love, and she was not in the mood to model hats for mom’s blog. Hence, this is the best shot:
The saddest little acorn

Jackson is always a good sport.
My dog is such a good sport

Blog readers (and unfair market mayhaps because most of you knit, but still) – what would you pay (not charge. Pay.) for a handknit hat like this? I’ve got an idea already, but curious as to what the masses would consider reasonable.

Almost forgot! I plurked this, but how would you like to win two knitting books? Amy, who is a friend through my brother and sister-in-law-to-be, has recently started knitting again (she did a fantastic bag!), blogs for Hallmark, Things We Make – she’s doing a give away – leave her a comment and check out the rest of her blog – she spotlights some fantastic etsy / indie finds!

Apple Season

One of the best things about New England is the fall season. It’s so pretty here and we are lucky enough to be in prime apple country. My local orchard (Bishops) is wonderful – and last week I was able to pick up some of the first Macouns of the season. These are my favorite apples – there’s something just right about them – they are the right size, the right crispness, the right juicy-ness, and the taste (while I wouldn’t say it has a hint berry flavor like on wikipedia, but what do I know?) – I like. Jackson loves them too (remember him?). I was sitting here at the computer, enjoying my apple, and I hear a little whine. Jackson was perched on the couch arm looking at me with those dachshund eyes. I shared when I was finished.


Fair Season

It’s that time of year – you wake up and it’s cooler outside, a little bit crisp in the air, and then by early afternoon everything is all warmed up! Enjoyable for sure – just right for the fair. It is a small fair (Durham is my favorite – more food choices!) but still fun. We went early this morning and brought Lorelai to see the animals (Macaws in with goats? Sure. Didn’t see the elephant – hope he’s ok.) – her reaction was a bit reserved at the petting zoo. I tried to be excited for her – oooh! Sheep! Llamas!
Wool Source!

She seemed to be trying to figure out the noises when we walked through the tents of bunnies & ducks & chickens & cows & sheep.

She did seem quite interested in fair food – we shared fried dough (with sugar and cinnamon – no sauce! yuck. If I wanted pizza I would get a slice, fried dough is a dessert! even at 10:30 in the morning. Perfectly acceptable for breakfast!)
Fried Dough 1
Fried Dough 2

We are planning to take her to the Durham fair next week – hopefully it will go just as smoothly!

Decked out by Auntie VA (and a haircut)

This was Wednesday (at the library):
We're at the library!

We went for a nice walk and stopped in to get a haircut. Unplanned, but it worked. Today she looks like this:

Yes, that’s a handmade sweater 🙂 Not by me, but by Auntie Virginia (ravelry link) – today is forecast for a high of 65?! Fantastic! Sweater weather for sure. Action shots (and to see the haircut)
photo photo

Auntie VA also provided Lorelai with the best shoes (that are still slightly big, but I love them and they help her keep on socks!) GreenPiggies.

Flashback! This is what Lorelai looked like back when she received the sweater at Easter (as one cousin commented to me, why can’t babies stay babies?!)

Neck Sock Finished!

Neck Sock Finished!
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I finished this cowl neck sock at SnB last week. I want to promote the word “Neck Sock” – neckwarmer can be misleading (Oh, you mean a scarf!) and no one really seems to know what a cowl is anyway. Neck sock is just right. Anyway, I love it. I knit this up in three days! Pattern is Chickadee Cowl (free, pdf link on the blog sidebar). I think I was taken by this for two reasons – 1) I spotted on on Ravelry that was knit with STR held double – thought that was fantastic! 2) My 6th and 8th grade teacher (same lady), Mrs. Baranski always called us “Her Little Chickadees”. I will forever associate chickadees with Mrs. B. Wish I could locate her and catch up – she was awesome. I picked up some (surprisingly soft) “Mary’s Little Lamb Light Worsted” from Farmhouse Yarns / CT Yarn & Wool – colorway is Sedona, and I held it doubled. I love it and can’t wait to wear it all the time, if only the humidity would go away. Bring on fall!!

Happy / exciting news! I’m going to be doing a craft fair!! October 18, with fellow knitter / blogger, PeacefulKnitter – I’m going to do burp cloths and rattles and a few hats. So excited and nervous at the same time. How much inventory to prepare? How to price my work? How to display?

I really like how the iphone & not very flattering bathroom lighting actually took that photo. I seem to have a healthy complexion, not freckled-speckled-death-pale as is my norm. 🙂

Finishing & Starting Stuff

Things have sortof settled down here. I’ve been able to pick up the knitting for brief bouts of time as I’m still dealing with sinus issue (allergies? cold? I have no idea.) Anyway, I finished sheldon ( – but as it is for Lorelai, I’ve named this turtle Sookie.
Sookie sheldon turtle
A relatively quick knit, fun to do, and I will knit it again for future babies. I would not stuff the shell as much next time, and I would work the applied i-cord in the opposite direction (lefty issue, but not a big deal).

I picked up the Debbie Bliss magazine: New magazine
There are some cute items in there (I’m obsessed with the vest mostly.)
Sweet blanket Pencil case Maybe just do L? Cute bag
Vest Obsessed

I finished a sock! First one since April! Oh, how I miss making socks! I love that this is a sport weight yarn, knit on US3 – one week and the sock is done! Sanrio Sock #1
This is the yarn from my “Sanrio Sock Kit”. The yarn is TV Yarn, Fat Sock from white oak studio and I love it. With all its neon goodness, and you know, I almost think the yellow is not bright enough! All the other neon colors tone it down! Can’t wait to finish the next one. Lorelai is interested as well.
Give a girl a pattern
She’s funny – I can give her a length of yarn and she’s happy. Then we talk about knitting. Maybe it will stic
k. 🙂

I had to work on something else sort of quick and mindless. Seeing Peacefulknitter‘s neckwarmers have kept me thinking about them, so I have started the Chickadee-cowl (rav link) using Farmhouse Yarns Mary’s Little Lamb Light Worsted held double.
Cowl WIP
So far, so good.

Can’t believe it’s been 7 Years since 9/11/01.

On a more upbeat note I’m sortof employed! I found a part-time, work from home on the computer, legit gig for an internet entity. Can’t really say much more than that. But it should be good.