Science Nerd

In a break from the knitting stuff (which of late is small. I’m trying to get a guage swatch for the hourglass sweater using some yarn from hopyard; making Dan a pair of socks – I made him try on the monkey socks and told him I wanted to make him a pair – he’s gung-ho for them now! and i finished a scarf for him out of misti baby alpaca chunky – yummy!) today I’m indulging my inner science nerd. I’m coming around on my decision to get out of teaching and shift focus to science museums as a creative educational opportunity… or go back to entry level science lab jobs. Either way, I’ve seen some good stuff today ’round the web, thought I’d share:
**My graduate work utilized Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) to study particulate matter on tree leaves. Maybe I should have looked beer?
**The SEED: ScienceBlogs are great to have in bloglines – a taste of science each day. Like this gem, that Dan and I were just talking about – caffeine in food: Buzz Donuts
**Cafepress has some great items for science nerds and a cute penguin graphic that shows the penguin wearing a shirt that says I Love Pluto and holding a sign that says next they’ll be saying I’m not a bird… (um,here it is
**Love these bumperstickers (also found via the SEED:ScienceBlogs):

I miss the lab.

FO – Monkey Socks

Monkey Socks
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These are currently my favorite socks ever! They knit up really quick – I did the legs of each first and I really think that helped! The pattern (found on is great – I used Fleece Artist Basic Merino yarn in the “Rainforest” colorway – love it!! I also did them on two circulars, which for me really is fast fast fast!

Plus it helps that on Friday I didn’t have school because it was too cold! So, I finished them up on Friday and wore them out on Friday night.

Two pairs of socks in a month, wow.

Work Rant

I’m a teacher. I teach middle school students science. For the most part I enjoy my work. Today, I don’t. Rude rude rude behavior. Entitlement issues. Whining. Bad parents. Threats.

And all I can do? Repeat my directions again. Clearly. Calmly. Never let them see you cry. Today just sucked. And I’m at the end of my rope. I am not cut out for this nonsense. For the amount of positive feedback and interactions I do have I don’t know if it’s worth it to continue.

And I can see the side of things that it sucks to be a kid in middle school. Minority and economic issues aside, being a kid is no treat either.

I want to do something different, but am afraid that I will look to be the selfish one for leaving kids in need.


Me and My favorite scarf

Me and My favorite scarf
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This photo was taken in the car with my cameraphone. I took it so I would have proof of actually wearing hand-knitted items! Actually, I’m still at work now and am still wearing the scarf!

Doesn’t it look like I’m daydreaming about knitting? I was listening to a knitting podcast.

Last night I finished one green sock (yay!) and completed the heel flap and turning-of-the-heel last night. Tonight I think I’ll be working on the gusset. But, I have big dreams of organizing my stash by potential project – maybe over my Feb.vacation (can’t come soon enough!), but that may prove to be too much. I am now convinced myself of the idea that I must make blankets as gifts! Use the cotton classic for one, noro for another, and the bags of yarn from the Hopyard Spinnery sale and third! Log cabin, mitered squares and maybe lizard ridge?? And, an Arwen Cardigan – I have an abundance of Berrocco Pleasure yarn in a beautiful blue…. Gah. Overambitious? me? Always.

FO! and a Swap

I was successful in my intentional sweater knitting for the dog:

I followed the pattern / chart from a Japanese dog sweater book that I linked to in a previous post. The yarn is Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Limeade, Persian Peacock and #18 (it’s a softer sage-y kinda green), knit up on size 7 needles, cast on Tuesday (I think) and finished it up Saturday night. Of course, he doesn’t like to wear it – he sulked at my feet, but I think it looks good on him. I have tried to make him wear much worse!! 🙂

Friday was a rather crappy day at work, so it was nice to come home to a package from Jennifer who was my swap partner for the Knit Mitt Kit Swap. Look at these goodies:

She sent so many goodies, including a fabulous bag that I have hanging on my chair already full of a few projects, that I forgot to take a photo of. She included 3 skeins of her yarn which is just stunning! And directions to make fingerless gloves, thrummed mitts (including the thrums and extra!!), candy and pez, and the Stitch and Bitch calendar which I really really wanted but haven’t been able to find anywhere! She rocks!! Thanks so much!!

Bleh. Frustrating FO

First off, the Finished Object. I knit up the Malagaiter from I used Malabrigo and knit the larger size thinking everthing would be grand – and perfect for the upcoming winter that seems to have finally come to CT. Actually, it seems to have come everywhere BUT my town. Cities that don’t get snow / ice usually are walloped and we get rain. Yuck…praying for a snow day tomorrow, but a delay would be nice too. Anyway. I seamed it up and pulled it on my head. And pulled. And pulled. I couldn’t get the thing on my head! So, in times like these you find a suitable recipient. Given that it’s just me, Dan and the dog, guess who got it?

Jackson is a wonderful sport. It also can be worn Survivor Buff style

I’ve decided that since the stuff I’ve knit ends up on the dog anyway, I’ll try and knit him a sweater. Maybe it’ll fit me when I am done. I really like a few patterns I’ve seen in this japanese knitting book so now I’m on the hunt for online translations / charts / tips…

Today was a stinky day at work (it’s no fun to have middle schoolers yell at you and lie right to your face). So on my way home I treated myself to a Cinnamon Dolce Frappacino – ignore the nutritional information as that takes all the fun out of it. It was tasty.

Think snow. think snow. think snow.

Dachshund walk

Dachshund walk
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Winter finally started to show up and now everyone in southern New England is going to complain that it’s too cold! I tried to get Jackson outside for a walk – at least it was sunny today! But he was not having it – not even with his jacket on, he was ready to high-tail it home. I think I’ll put off sock knitting for a night to try and finish the malagaiter – I’m sure to need it by the weekend!

Sheep Shirt

My geeky side (which is both sides mind you) loves this:
f(x)=sheep(x) m - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Sure, it seems like calculating sheep in order to reach the funtion of sleep, but as a knitter, it must have something to do with knitting and yarn, yes?

I have ordered a couple of shirts from threadless in the past – love them.