I’m sensing a pattern here.

This is mostly random and probably catches my attention only, but I’m noticing a whole bunch of similarities in things I’m knitting lately.

To start, I’ve got 2 projects that I can’t really show until after TNNA happens. Each of these projects involve new colors and a similar linen stitch pattern. One for Lorna’s Laces and one for Schaefer Yarn.

Two different projects that I worked on last year will be released soon this year – each were test knits – one for Malabrigo Yarn and one for Unique Sheep.

Two new projects I’ve started recently are eventual gifts, so they are also under wraps, but they each involve a lot of garter stitch rows and increases at each edge.

Huh. Interesting to me – and this post would be way more interesting with some photos.
lolcats funny cat pictures


The weather is heating up around here and yesterday, the Lorax told me she wanted to wear flip-flops. This was a huge surprise to me – usually we have a melt down in any shoe store and she hates to try things on. I’m the mom who bought the exact same sneakers in 3 different sizes. Ugh. I have been avoiding getting the next pair of summer shoes, but thought maybe I could get lucky now, since it was her idea.

So we went out to the store with her talking the whole way there about “red flip flops”.

I’m pleased to say that this was the best trip to a shoe store ever. She tried on shoes. She looked at shoes, she picked some out, she didn’t fuss. And what did her little heart desire?
First Flip Flops
Heaven help me – she picked out and tried on and loved – light up princess flip flops. She can’t walk well in them, it’s like watching me try to walk in high heels – all stiff legs, but she loves them. And, yeah, they are cute. Sigh. We did also pick up some new summer sneakers, so yay on that!
Test Knit Sock
First Flip Flops
Look at that smug face. She totally knows she won.

The girl knows what she likes. And that includes when she’s ready for a photo or not. I finished up the test sock for J.L. Yarnworks – it really is a sock!
Test Knit Sock
Cuff up.

Test Knit Sock
Cuff Down. It’s a little ruffled-anklet sock – too cute!

I made the toddler / child size, so it’s a bit big for the Lorax – but she wouldn’t help me and try it on. Oh well.
Test Knit Sock
I do plan to make the mate – like most little knits, this sock went quickly!


Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a little bird fly up to a holly bush that is outside the window near the computer. I figured it was just a good spot to perch and rest. Then, last week I looked out when it was raining and noticed the same little bird sitting in a nest – and a second bird kept flying in and bringing the first bird things (food? nest materials?). Last weekend, we could finally see baby birds! Hard to tell how many there were – but it’s a small nest! Today their eyes are open and they are getting food quite frequently! I have been playing with my camera to get a good shot – but it’s tough – a combination of the small size, the window screen, the movement of the birds / bush in the breeze – but I think I got a few good ones. This makes me ridiculously happy!
A parent bird:
Baby Birds

I have one of those “Bird Guides of Connecticut”, and quick internet research leads me to believe that this is a family of Chipping Sparrows. Maybe American Tree Sparrows?
Baby Birds

Baby Birds

I also got a little video of them chirping away (and one fluffing / flapping his wings) – apologies for the click at the end (I took a photo) and something caught Jackson’s attention, so you do hear him bark!

Friendship Bracelets!

I mentioned in an earlier post that long before I knit, I used to play with knots. I made friendship bracelets constantly – much like knitting, it was a fairly portable project, there are lots of colors and styles to choose from and the end result looks so neat! Have you heard? Amy, of the Things We Make blog, is hosting a Friendship Bracelet Swap! Full details are on Amy’s blog, but the quick details are this:

Here’s how to participate:
1. Email Amy at thingswemake [at] gmail [dot] com (be sure to let me know your name) by May 25 in order to sign up. I will reply with details by May 28.
2. Make one bracelet and mail it me to arrive no later than June 20. Please include a note saying who you are, your email/website/etsy/twitter info so that the person who receives your bracelet will know who their friend is. I will pair you up with someone so that you get a bracelet from the person who receives yours.
3. Optional: donate some extra bracelet making supplies and I’ll bundle them to give to my local Boys & Girls Club so that younger girls can have the pleasure of making each other bracelets this summer.

-I am leaving the type of bracelet you make completely open, so use gimp, embroidery thread, fabric, whatever you feel moved to use. (Channel your inspiration from when you went to summer camp!)
-Since the is my first swap, I’m collecting the bracelets and mailing them out to ensure that anyone who makes one gets on in return.
-Please be sure that you are able to commit to finishing and sending your bracelet when you sign up.

*Friendship-bracelets.net – video instruction and patterns (wow! I wish this had been around back in, oh, 1988!)
*Knit a basic Friendship bracelet (also mentions Icord, great idea!)
*Perdita – a knit bracelet from knitty.com – I made one of these – the lily of the valley – and all it needed was buttons… wonder where it is?


I happened upon a thrift shop last week that has a somewhat organized craft section! I will be making a trip back there in a few weeks or so, just to see what else might turn up. I am intrigued by buttons lately – even without a specific project in mind. Now I’ve got some very interesting options.
The pile I purchased.

Puppies, I think? They were just so different!

I love love love the navy and white flower ones. And a few of those big chunky buttons – good for a sweater like A Little Something or a hat

Trust me, it’s a sock.

This weekend was spent celebrating a “Housewarmthday” party for my brother & sister-in-law – they have a new house and big birthdays – and hosted a fantastic party. I was gifted a rare treat of time to myself – the Lorax stayed behind for quality time with Dad – and I got to relax, eat, drink and be merry without chasing down a toddler. The weather outside was gorgeous! I brought my knitting along and was able to get in some knitting – I think I gave several comedians there some new material by my knitting in public, but whatever. It’s what I enjoy and luckily for me my brother and sister-in-law have no problem with me whipping out the needles in their backyard.

I am currently test knitting a sock for JL Yarnworks
Test Knit
Looking at it this way makes me think it’s a doll or something – I promise, in the next day or so, you’ll see it in it’s sock-y cuteness. I’m working up the toddler size and it is going to be really cute.

I did get gauge (10 stitches / inch on US0!) and I’m using Malabrigo Sock Yarn in the colorway “cote d’azure” – it’s a great dark ink blue. I have fingers crossed that I can get the Lorax to wear the sock with a really cute navy / white dress she has yet to wear. Anyway, love the color, but I do need to be sure that I have really good light to see those stitches!

Pretty Stitches
There is half of the heel flap – I don’t know if it has a particular name, but it involves a four row repeat and I love the texture it creates in the fabric.

I also brought another project to work on at the party, being prepared for assorted levels of light, conversation, alcohol intake (no toddler for me to watch over!) but wouldn’t you know it? I only worked on the sock – the other project (red yarn, DK weight, on US7 needles) I messed up on multiple times – the stitch count, the increases, the cast on. I actually took scissors to it and had a do-over. On the whole, not bad for knitting in public.

Unseasonable – part 2

Going with my own trend of knitting out of season, I’ve finished a pair of Bella’s Mittens. As before, these are samples for FiberTrades.com

These are knit in Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky – they are a relatively quick knit. Ravelry details are here. And warm! I wish I had a pair of these back when I was college and graduate school. My time spent in Providence and Syracuse involved a lot of walking and those places do get winter! The blend of wool and mohair results in a little bit of fuzz factor.
Fuzz Factor

It is not the easiest trick to photograph yourself while wearing mittens. The Lorax is still too small to have her take the photo and she did not want to wear the mittens either. She was interested in seeing herself when I flipped the display around, set the self-timer and had the camera on the stairs…

And then she wanted to do more.

FYI, a samurai sword makes a great mitten display:

Nutmeg Knitting – My Etsy Shop

A while back I spotted a post on Ravelry by Kate of TotToppers.com – she was going to allow for knitters to purchase a cottage license, which means the knitter has permission to sell the finished product of selected patterns. I thought this was a great idea, reasonable in price, and I adore her work, so I jumped on the opportunity.

I am now an Official Licensed Seller for 4 of the Tot Toppers patterns: Cabled Tie Topper, Little Miss Muffet, Tiger Stamped, and the Checkered Square Cap.

I’ve got an etsy shop set up too.

A sample of what’s there in the shop:
Nutmeg Knitting Sample

Custom work is accepted happily! I’m knitting as fast as I can on my own ideas of color combos and such and I am loving getting to try out some new-to-me yarns. I have made a sale to a local friend, so yay on that! Feedback is welcome too – and of course, if you happen to be in need of a baby / toddler hat, orders are welcome as well! 🙂 Everything listed right now is ready to ship. I think this afternoon or tomorrow I’ll make the “Tot Toppers” category be the “custom order requests” or something along those lines. I’ve signed up with the EtsyFAST and EtsyKnitters teams. I hope to be able to join the EtsyBaby team as well – need a few more sales first! Wish me luck!