Romney Ridge Cardigan

I’ve been making great progress on the bulk of my WIPs, and actually have pictures to show for one of them. I’ve knit up a cardigan and now need to send it off to RomneyRidgeFarm. This was a quick knit and I’m quite pleased with it. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed seaming it up – especially the shoulders to the body!
On to the photos:

I asked Lorelai to model the sweater for me and she shook her head (I hope that isn’t a sign of things to come!) – and like most mom-knitters, I popped it on her anyway. The sweater is sized for a 3 year old. Lorelai is 16 months, and generally she’s in the 12-18 or 18-24 month size clothes, so it’s big on her.

Nice Work If You Can Get It

I’ve put in my resume to Ravelry…. and now it seems to be all I can think about. What an opportunity! I know I’m one of many to apply – and I actually *know* several of the other applicants, which makes it almost harder to support friends and keep my confidence up. Friendly competition while we are all working for the common good is a good thing!!

So I will occupy myself with my other knitting related “work”, knitting sample garments. Honestly though, these two projects are so not even work! I’ve started the seaming on the cardigan for Romney Ridge Farm. And I’m working on a baby bolero for Schaefer Yarn. I kept thinking today about that Gershwin song (Nice Work…) in regards to the Ravelry job, and this side gig I’ve got in knitting samples. I’ve learned so much from doing this, like the fact that I would rather stick to smaller projects since I don’t get to pick the colors or patterns. I stick exactly to the pattern and I am a lot harder on myself with the sample knitting, since the end project isn’t staying with me – it’s going off into the world or shop or wherever. I might live with a mistake here or there, but not when it’s for someone else. I love that I get to try out new yarns and new patterns – by the way, currently in love with Nichole – possibly my new favorite yarn! My confidence is built up – you should see the shoulder seams on the cardigan – I’m so proud of myself! It’s good work and I appreciate the fact that companies and farms do need everyday knitters!

In other knits, I’ve finished the back of the Necco Wafer sweater. I had to email the designer again, but there was a mistake in the pattern – the chart had size 9 months (which is not one of the size options) and no size 18 months (the size I am making) – hesitantly I contacted Carol, and like before, she’s fantastic!

I should return to the seaming and such. Pictures will come later.

SOLI – socks and water

In the last PhatFiber box I got a sample from Cupcake Factory. I found the group on Ravelry, and there was a request for test knitting a sock. This is the back story:
(Quoting Carissa)
“One of my friends, Ashley, is the founder and CEO of a non-profit: Streams of Life International…SOLI for short. SOLI brings hope to communities in Africa by partnering with community leaders to build wells and sanitation facilities, refurbish local hospitals and provide essential medical equipment, supplies and health education.

When she announced she was campaigning to raise the funds to put wells in 1000 communities in Africa this year, I wanted to get on board. Unfortunately I don’t have tons of cash. But what I do have is time and a specific skill set. I was trying to figure out how to use the resources I do have available to me to help….

So I’m cooking up some knitterly things, with proceeds going to SOLI. The first (of hopefully many) things I’ve been working on is a sock yarn line called “SOLI sock.” It’s a luxurious merino / silk blend. I chose it because the sheen the silk give to the yarn reminds me of a shimmering stream. The SOLI sock colourways are all aqua-inspired shades of blues and teals. I’ve also got a sock pattern that I’m cooking up using SOLI sock, where 100% of the proceeds will go to SOLI.”

Awesome, right? I’m test knitting the sock and I really like it so far. I’m using NeighborhoodFiberCo yarn, Watershed line, in Thomas Circle colorway. Seemed appropriate (I like matching up yarn with good names to projects – my Monkey socks were done in the “rainforest” colorway!).
Sock in progress - stretched
That’s the cuff and one lace repeat down, two more to go on the leg. The stitch marker is a wee little Woodstock I got as part of my “Woodstock” sock kit from last fall. I think it’s made by weeones on etsy.

I wanted to include the Indigo Girls cover of “River”, but can’t find that video on youtube. Instead I’ll leave you with another favorite cover – Dave Matthews cover of Lyle Lovett’s “If I Had a Boat” –

I’m going to see the Indigo Girls in Hartford this April – third time is the charm! Can’t wait!

There’s Something in the Air

Springtime makes me itchy, and I’m not talking about allergy season (though it does happen.) In a whirlwind of yarn and needles I’ve cast on many projects – I don’t mind doing that because I do find that I like them at different times. Some are better while Lorelai is up and playing or watching tv – garter or stockinette stitch on big needles, and some are better for when I am a video-game widow (Dan is now sucked into “Resident Evil 5”)- cables, lace, shaping, etc.

In review:

These are the “Pom Pom Peds” anklet pattern from The yarn is the same as my iPhone mitts – “Bekka” by Ruby Sapphire. I still have 97 yards left! Finishing these socks has brought my LimeNViolet Sock Marathon total to 0.25 miles.

I am working on a cardigan, which is a sample knit for Romney Ridge Farm in Maine.
Sweater Back
The yarn is really nice – I love that in my email conversations with Kelly, I have learned the yarn, which is a wool-angora-mohair blend, contains bits of Alice and Mellow the rabbits along with Uma the Angora goat. That just makes me smile – to really “know” where the fiber comes from. The back is done and I’m maybe a third finished with one front.

I have started a top for Lorelai, Necco Wafer from the Spring 2009 Twist Collective. I worked up the sleeve at SnB on Thursday – I’m really loving how it is coming out – Betsy sent me the teal yarn for the body and I have plenty of Cotton Classic in my stash for the contrast stripes.
Necco Wafer Sleeve #1
I thought I was off and running on Thursday evening, but yesterday when I picked it up again, I found a snag! My sleeve measured 12 inches when it should have only measured 8.5 inches!!! I checked the pattern again. Checked my knitting again. Checked the measurements again. And I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I sat and thought a long time before sending off a message to the designer – I was pretty sure that it was something I did. I have heard other knitting designers discuss receiving emails about pattern issues and I really didn’t want to be a bother.

Well, Carol was so gracious! She replied to me quickly and as soon as I read what she wrote, the light bulb went off and I felt like the biggest idiot. I really should read the pattern all the way through before knitting. I had knit to a certain length, then started the sleeve increases. If you are knitting this pattern, don’t do that! Follow the directions, especially the part in capital letters that says “AT THE SAME TIME” – start your increases in the stripe section, while you are knitting to the length. Oy. Thank you Carol again for guiding me on that! I hope I am the only person to miss that! I was able to reknit the sleeve last night while we watched “To Kill a Mockingbird”. All is good!

I’ve also started another pair of socks – I’m test knitting the pattern, but it deserves it’s own post because the pattern / yarn is part of a good cause. More on that later.

I’m expecting this to be a good mail week – I received one swap package over the weekend (Regional Yarn Swap) and I need to blog that. I am expecting a swap for St. Patrick’s Day. Intention Yarns have shipped. I fell down and bought a destash of organic cotton from misshawklet. And I was able to score a phatfiber box!